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Favorite nursery rhyme party games that will have the kids singing, jumping and having fun.


Young kids under the age of 4 don't always enjoy party games or group activities, preferring to do things at their own pace and often playing on their own. However you may find that playing a couple of nursery rhyme party games with a small group might work just fine.

Plus if their moms or dads are there, get them involved too which will encourage their little one to join in.

So have a look below at some fun nursery rhyme games that younger kids often enjoy and then pick what they will like.


Wishing Well

Make a wishing well out of a big bucket or plant holder and decorate it with colorful flowers. The get the kids throw a plastic star inside and at the same time they should make a wish. Or you could have the kids fish for the stars/fish using homemade rods with magnets on the end. You'll need to stick some mini magnets on whatever they are fishing for as well.

Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep

A great nursery rhyme game is to hide some toy sheep around the party area and have the kids help Bo Peep find them. You could have an adult dressed as Bo Peep and she could lead the children round.

Musical Stars

Play this like musical chairs but instead of chairs use large star shapes that you place on the floor. The children dance around to music and when the music stops, they must go and stand on a star. Last one on to stand on a star gets to choose a small sticker and is out of the game. The last two children left in the game get a small prize.


Incy Wincy Spider

Teach the kids the hand movements to "Incy Wincy Spider".

Jack and Jill's Pails

If the weather is nice, set up a small plastic pool with lots of pails of water.

Dancing Games

Sing and dance to traditional games such as "Ring around the Roses", "Hokey Pokey", "The Farmers in the Dell" or "The Wheels on the Bus".

Humpty Dumpty's Egg and Spoon

Try this nursery rhyme game by giving each child a spoon with a hard boiled egg on it (Draw a Humpty Dumpty face on it first!) and they have to see how far they can walk across the room without dropping it. For older kids, you could add a few obstacles to go round such as a chair or box.

Jack's Candlestick

Place a long candle on the floor in front of each child. Everyone sings "Jack be Nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the…." and all the children shout "CANDLESTICK" and then they all jump over their candle as far as they can go.

Little Miss Muffet

Try this nursery rhyme game. Sit the kids in a circle and have one of them hold a spider on a string. As the kids sing "Little Miss Muffet", the child holding the spider walks round the outside of the circle and then at the end of the song, drops it next to someone. That child then has to jump up and try and catch the other child before they sit back down in the empty space in the circle.

Hire an Entertainer

If organizing games and activities sounds just too much for you then consider hiring someone who is a professional kids entertainer and who can really take the pressure off you when you need to organise the nursery rhyme party games.