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These save the world party games are simple, easy to prepare and fun.


Whether it is identifying animal tracks or naming the planets, the kids will be learning and having fun at the same time

These save the world party games also go perfectly with my Eco-friendly kid's party where you'll find fun ideas for birthday party food, decorations and activities.


Animal Tracks

In advance make a photocopy of a page of animal footprints. Stick the footprints to the floor and see who can recognise and name the most footprints correctly.

Earth, Water, Air and Fire

One person is nominated as Mother/Father Nature and the other kids stand in a circle. Mother Nature stands in the center and holds a large inflatable globe.She then throws it to one person and says either "Earth", "Water", "Air" or "Fire". That person has 10 seconds to name either an animal (earth), fish (water), bird (air) but must keep silent for fire. If they don't manage it they get a stone. Once you have 3 stones you are out of the game. The globe then gets thrown to another person. The same animal, bird or fish cannot be repeated in the same game.

Name That Planet

Make a large wall mural showing the different planets or try this solar system mobile. Give each child individual pieces of paper with the names of the planets on plus the child's name. Pop a small blob of blu-tack or sticky tack on the back. Get the kids to place their planet names where they think that they should go. The person with the most correct answers is named "Mr. or Mrs. Cosmos".


Nature Hunt

Either play as individuals or in teams. Give each team/player a paper bag plus a list of nature items such as pine cone, seed pod, red leaf. The aim is to collect as many items on the list as possible. Set a time limit and see who can be the first to collect all the items on their list.

Save the Wild Animals

For this game you need quite a large garden with lots of nooks and crannies. Alternatively you could go to your local park. Split the kids into teams and tell them that their mission is to save the wild animals who are trapped in the forest. The first team to save all the animals wins.


Here's how to play:
Give each team a list of clues (facts and ways that they could help save the earth) and each of these will lead them to a wild animal. These could be small animals. As an example one instruction could be "Never throw your litter on the ground" and so they need to search for some litter where they will find a hidden toy animal.


Other clues might be:
Recycle and Cycle - which could lead them either to a box of recyclable materials or to the bike shed.
Don't pick flowers - leading to a flower bed
Wild creatures are not house pets - leading to a wild creature's natural habitat such as a birds nest
Their house is their home - could lead them to a bird house that you have made.
Don't be a drip - could lead them to a tap.

These Save the world party games are great to play at a kid's party.