Marshmallow Krispies

by Ellie

Marshmallow Rice Krispy Squares

Marshmallow Rice Krispy Squares

These are really delicious and very easy to make - it just might get a little sticky!

All you need is a bag of marshmallows, some butter and rice krispies:

Melt 45g of butter in a saucepan over a low heat and then add 300g of marshmallows . This is when it gets sticky, you need to keep on stirring the mixture until everything is melted. If you don't stir it, it will stick to the pan and burn.

Once its all melted, turn off the heat and add 180g of rice krispies straight away and mix it until everything is covered in a sticky marshmallow mixture.

Put the mixture into a tin (32cm by 23cm)and press down so that it is compact.

Then let them cool completely and you are free to cut them (24 squares).

PS You can also swirl some melted chocolate on them.

Hope you like them as much as I do :)


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Chocolate Truffle Recipe

by Olivia Gibbons
(NSW, Australia)

You need:
125 grams coconut
50 grams cocoa powder
1 pack Marie Biscuits
375mls condensed milk
Extra coconut for dusting

Firstly crush the Marie biscuits in the bag until they're down to a fine crumble texture. Then mix the cocoa, coconut and crushed Marie biscuits together.

Open and add the condensed milk and stir all the ingredients together until a thick chocolate mixture is formed.

Using your hands, roll the mixture into truffles (the smaller the size, the more you can make).

Dust with extra coconut and enjoy.

You can put the truffles in the fridge to harden them.

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Jul 06, 2010
by: omg mad

sooo good we need a big a party and this helpd

Dec 22, 2007
by: Anonymous

its good

Dec 18, 2007
by: gerty

I think that this is a great recipe!
I've been loking for a good one for ages that is stible for children as well as adaults.
Now I have finally found the right one that tastes great and is easy to make.
Thanks Olivia Gibbons!!!

Nov 01, 2007
I love these!
by: Nicole

We all love chocolate in our family! I like these as the kids can make them with little hlep from me.

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