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Here's your big list of Tea Party Games for Kids!

From Butler's Relay to Teabag Toss or a Sugar and Spoon Race, these birthday tea party games are sure to create a stir.

These tea party games for kids also go perfectly with my TEA PARTY THEME where you'll find fun ideas for birthday party food, decorations and activities.



Teapot Bingo

Make some bingo playing boards in the shape of a teapot. Randomly write some numbers on the teapot. Choose numbers appropriate for the age group. Give the kids reusable flower stickers to use as markers.


Table for Two

I bet that some of the kids don't know how to lay a table properly. Make it into a game by showing them how to do it first and then get them to race to see who can lay the perfect table for two. You could even include napkin folding as well.

Teabag Toss

Make two teapots out of cardboard box. The easiest way is to cut out and decorate a teapot from a large piece of flat card. Then stick this to the side of a cardboard box so that the box is hidden. Split into teams and give each team several bean bags. Have them toss the bean bags into the tea pot and see who can get them in within the fastest time.

Hunt The Thimble

Although not an original game, this was a really traditional parlor game probably loved by many grannies and one that I feel needs reviving as it is so simple yet such fun. One child leaves the room and the others choose a hiding place for the thimble. It should be at least partially in view. The seeker then returns to the room and has to try and find it. To make it more fun, the kids watching can shout out hot, warm(er), cold(er) as the seeker gets closer (hotter) or farther (colder) to the thimble.


Having a pinata is always a great success at kids parties and it is easy to make your own.
However if you'd rather buy one then I just adore this teapot pinata from Amazon.

Sugar and Spoon Race

Instead of the traditional egg and spoon race, use a sugar lump and spoon. Make it harder by giving the kids an obstacle course to go round as well.

Tea Cup Relay

At one end of the playing area set up a table (one for each team), each with a teapot and some cups and saucers. At the other end of the playing area, have 2 other tables with enough chairs for each player. Split the kids into 2 teams and have them all sit at their team's table. On the whistle, a child has to quickly get up from their chair, rush to the table with the teapot and fill a cup with tea (water) and then rush back to their team with their cup of tea. Then it's the next players turn. The first team to be all sitting and with a cup of tea is the winning team.

Butlers Relay

Split the kids into teams and give each team a tray. The aim of the game is for each team member to run from one end of the room to the other, pick up an item such as a tea cup or spoon, place that item on the tray and run back to their team. The next team member goes and adds another item to the tray and so on. Thus the last person will be carrying a full tray so make sure they are strong! First team to have a full tray is the winner.