July 4th Party Theme

July 4th Party Ideas - independence, freedom, stars and stripes. There is no better excuse to get a kids 4th July party on the go.

The timing of year is perfect, as the sun is probably shining, flowers are in full bloom and the kids are raring to go now the summer holidays are nearly here.

Coming up with July 4th party ideas is probably second nature to some, but for those who need a few simple ideas, then I'm here to help.

So get ready to sit back and savor America's spirit and freedom and to have a cracking good time. And for those who are not sure, here is why we celebrate 4th July

July 4th Party Invitations

  • Uncle Sam Invitation
    Using red, blue or white craft paper, put a picture of Uncle Sam on the front with the words "I want you!". Write the party details on the reverse. If it is a birthday party as well, you could put a photo of the birthday child on the front and replace the words with "X wants you!".
  • Instant Fireworks
    Using plain black craft card, spread clear-drying glue over it in crisscross pattern. Sprinkle red, white and blue glitter all over the glue. Shake off the excess glitter and you will have a real sparkler of an invite.
  • Firecracker Invitation
    Gather enough empty cardboard rolls (like you get in kitchen towels) so you have one for each invite. Cover the hole on one end with strong paper, glued in place. Paint the whole thing red and when dry stick on some stars or blue and white strips of paper. On the sealed end of the cardboard roll, make a small hole and insert a sparkly pipe cleaner. Place a small piece of orange tinsel on the end on the pipe cleaner to resemble a lit fuse. Next make your invitation, role it up and slot inside the open end of the firecracker.

July 4th Party Costumes

Well the color theme here has got to be red, white and blue! And the party child or host could wear an Uncle Sam hat or costume.

To get the guests looking patriotic, you could hand out some patriotic colored bandannas  which are cheap and easy to make using strips of colored cloth.

July 4th Party Decorations

  • Put red, white and blue balloons on your gate or front door.
  • Put up a balloon net or have the ceiling covered in red, white and blue, helium filled balloons
  • Decorate the party room with giant posters of previous US presidents. See if the kids can name each president.
  • Put up lots of red, white and blue bunting, streamers and flags.
  • Dress your table to impress with lots of fun patriotic table decorations.
  • Play patriotic music for kids.

July 4th Party Food

As the weather is likely to be warm, I suggest that you go for outdoor eating such as a barbecue or picnic. Don't go for anything fancy, just good old fashioned, traditional food that is easy to make and gives you time to relax and to have fun.

  • Corn on the cob
  • Hamburgers, hot dogs
  • Barbecued Ribs
  • Roast marshmallows and s'mores
  • Loads of cool drinks
  • Flag Cake Prepare a basic rectangular chocolate cake using a packet cake mix or my all-in-one cake recipe. When cool, cover with white frosting and then decorate with blueberries and strawberries to make a flag design. Keep in the fridge until you are ready to serve and then top with sparklers or thin, extra long taper candles. 
  • More kid party food ideas.

July 4th Party Favors and Prizes

Basically anything red, white or blue will be great or anything that has a patriotic feel such as caps with "I love America". Below are some July 4th party favor ideas to get you going:

  • Glow in the Dark Patriotic Tattoos
  • Personalized stars and stripes lollipops
  • Red white and blue bow tie 
  • Patriotic sunshades 
  • Patriotic Foam Can Covers
  • Patriotic Lanterns
  • Patriotic Yo Yo
  • Red, white and blue shoelaces
  • Baked cookies wrapped in red cellophane and tied up with a white ribbon
  • Stars and stripes hair scrunchies or baseball hats
  • Sparklers for the older kids or paper party poppers for the younger ones.
  • Or how about these:

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