Macarena Dance Steps

Most people have heard of or danced the Macarena Dance. It's fun, it's lively and great for a party.

But where does the Macarena come from?

The Macarena Dance song was written in 1992 by a Spanish dance duo know as Los Del Rio. The word Macarena means "Mother of God" and the song was inspired by a  beautiful and graceful flamenco dancer named Diana Patricia Cubillan whom the dance duo spotted in Venezuela. The song is about  a woman named Macarena, who becomes upset when her boyfriend decides to join the army. In retaliation, she decides to go out on the town dancing with other soldiers. 

The song became a worldwide hit throughout the 1990's and  people danced to the Macarena at every opportunity whether it was a party, wedding, school, club or wherever they heard the famous catchy tune.

Now it's your turn.....

Macarena Dance Steps

The dance steps are quite simple (once you get rid of your two left feet!). They consist of a series of  hand and hip movements and when each series is completed you turn your body ninety degrees. You then repeat the hand and hip movements followed by another ninety degrees turn and so on.

On the count of each beat just follow the moves below:

Beat 01: Place R arm straight out in front of you at shoulder height, palm facing down.
Beat 02: Place L arm straight out in front of you at shoulder height, palm facing down.
Beat 03: Place R arm straight out in front of you at shoulder height, palm facing up.
Beat 04: Place L arm straight out in front of you at shoulder height, palm facing up.
Beat 05: R hand grasps the inside of L arm at the elbow.
Beat 06: L hand grasps the outside of R arm at the elbow.
Beat 07: Place R hand behind R back of neck.
Beat 08: Place L hand behind L back of neck.
Beat 09: Place R hand on L front hip. 
Beat 10: Place L hand on R front hip. 
Beat 11: Place R hand on R back buttock. 
Beat 12: Place L hand on L back buttock. 
Beat 13: Swing your hips to the left. 
Beat 14: Swing your hips to the right. 
Beat 15: Swing your hips to the left. 
Beat 16: Clap your hands and jump turn 90 degrees to the right

That's all there is to it! 

If you don't already have the Macarena Dance music at home then below are my top selections. Since the original version came out (which was in Spanish) there have been various remixes of the song including the American version by the Bayside Boys.

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