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These kid's hat party games are brimming with excitement and will have the kids jumping and leaping to HATtention. (Sorry I couldn't resist!).


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All kids parties need a game or two and a hat party theme is no exception.

So get your hats at the ready for some cool kid's hat party games.

If you are going to give out prizes, how about giving out feathers as prizes which the kids can stick in their hats. At the end of the party, they can then exchange their feathers for candy or small treats.

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Musical Hats

This kid's hat party game is rather like musical chairs but instead the kids have to use hats. Stand the kids in a circle and place a box full of hats in the center of the floor - enough for each child minus one. Put on the music and let the kids dance around. As soon as you stop the music, each child has to rush and put on a hat from the box. The child without a hat is out of the game but let them have a small favor to avoid any tears.


Hat Toss

Split into teams. Each team stands on a starting line several feet away from a giant hat which you have made out of an upturned bucket with a paper rim on it. At the front of the line place another hat full of small balls, bean bags or water bombs. Stand the kids in a line behind the hat of balls and on the whistle, the kids (one at a time) have to grab a ball and then toss the ball into the hat. They then run to the back of the line and the next player goes. Set a time limit and the team with the most balls in the hat is the winner.

Mexican Hat Dance

You will probably find that some of the kids already know the hat dance and it is a great way to get a festive atmosphere going. Learn the Mexican hat dance steps

A Feather In My Cap

Split into teams and give each team a large adult sized pair of Wellington boots and a large straw hat. Stand the kids in a line and several meters away have a large box of colored feathers. The members of each team take it in turns to quickly put on the Wellington boots and the hat and run to the box of feathers. They then have to insert a colored feather into the hat, place it back on their head and run back to their team mates. Then the next person goes. When all team members have had a turn, give a point for the fastest team and a point for each feather still left in the hat.


Hip Hop Hat Relay

For this kids hat party game, split the kids into teams and give each child a paper cone hat with a piece of elastic on to secure it on their head. Each team selects a CAPtain who stands several meters away from his teammates. On the whistle each team member must hop on one leg to the CAPtain, and place his hat on top of the captain's hat and then hop back to his teammates. Then the next person goes. When the captain has all the hats on his head, he must hop back to his team, distribute a hat back to each person. First team to finish is the winner.

Hat Attack

On a table line up a stack of paper hats. Give each child 3 small balls and see how many hats he can knock off. This hat party game often keeps the kids amused for hours and is a good game whilst you get the food ready.


Having a piñata is always a great success at kids parties. It is easy to make your own and you could make a hat shape such as a bowler hat or straw hat to blend in with your hat party theme.
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