Makeup Party Decorations

For the makeup party decorations, think glamour and glitzy and you can't go wrong.

For the makeup party decorations, think glamour and glitzy and you can't go wrong.

Entry Sign - Have a big sign on your door or gate to the girl's makeover party saying 'Welcome to X's Beauty Salon'

Color Theme - Decide on a color theme. My young teenage daughter Ellie has now decided that pink is 'not in' after having dreamt and breathed it for the past eight years. So for now it is purple and gold, black and white or pastel shades.

Beauty Stations - Set up different beauty stations in the girl's makeover party room(s) such as hair, nails, makeup, wardrobe, accessories. Make a big sign to put over each area. Don't forget the accessories such as towels, hair spray, hair ties, tissues and all the important makeup remover and wet wipes

Beauty and Hair Pictures - Cut out lots of beauty, hair and fashion images from magazines and stick to large craft card and place on the walls around the girl's makeover party room. If your pictures are small, no problem as you can make a collage. 

Mirrors - Have lots of mirrors around the room. All makeover beauties want to admire themselves!

Balloon Surprise - If using balloons, put a small accessory inside such as hair ties, stick on jewels, earrings etc and them blow up. If you can, put them in a big balloon net suspended from the ceiling. The kids can pop them later to get their balloon surprise gift. 

Lighting - Think about the lighting. If you are going to have a catwalk fashion show afterwards try and get hold of some spotlights or just use ordinary desk lamps strategically placed.

Hair styling and beauty magazines - Have lots of hair styling and beauty magazines on a table so that the kids can browse for ideas.

Cat Walk for the Fashion Show - Make a Cat Walk for the Fashion Show once the kids have been pampered. Place a floor length curtain over a doorway or create and then place a sheet or carpet runner on the floor as the walkway. The beauties can emerge from behind the curtain and strut their stuff.

Makeup Party Decorations Wow Factor

The WOW factor - I like to have at least one decorative WOW factor as that makes the party really stand out.

The easiest thing for makeup party decorations is to have a photo shoot with a WOW background.

I like this Inflatable Lipstick. It would really make the WOW factor standing 34" tall.

Makeup Party Games & Activities

From lipstick mania to spin the nail polish to blushing beauties, head on over here for stacks of fun girl's makeover party games and activities.

Makeup Party Favors and Prizes

Favor ideas might include:

  • Makeup bags filled with lots of small makeup items such as lipstick, blusher, eye shadow, mirror.
  • Photo frame with their 'before' and 'after' makeover photos.
  • Mirrors, hairbrushes, hair accessories.
  • Little books on makeup ideas.
  • Teen fashion magazines
  • Spa goodies such as hand lotion and cute face cloths

Here are a few choices from Amazon:

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