Detective Party Games

Detective Party Games for Kids and Teens

I love detective party games and these party games are great for a birthday party for both older kids or teens.

The games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great detective party games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!


What you Need:

How to Play:
One person has to leave the room (he/she is the police officer) and the remaining group chooses one person to be the suspect.

They also choose a crime for the police offer to guess who did it. For example, if the 'crime' was robbing a bank, the police officer has to figure out among the group who robbed the bank. 

The police officer comes back into the room.

Everyone goes around the circle and gives an alibi for where they were when the crime was committed.

Then they go around the circle again (police officer is listening the whole time). 

The second time round though, everyone goes around the room and says the same thing, same alibi, except the suspect who changes it slightly. 

The police officer has two tries to find the person. If the police officer guesses correctly, he or she wins.

If not, a new police officer and suspect are chosen.

Submitted by: Lana Rock (Cape May, NJ)

Mafia Game

You will need: 
Paper, a pen/pencil, and a bowl or hat. 

Count how many kids want to play and then have the same number of sheets of paper. On two pieces of paper, write M for mafia or murderer, S for sheriff, D for doctor, and N for narrator. On all the other pieces of paper write P for person.

How to Play:
Put the pieces of paper into a bowl and have everyone draw one. Have them read it to themselves but not out loud. 

Have the narrator say "good night town of..." (give the town a random name like Chewbaccaville) and everyone bows their heads and shuts their eyes.

Then the narrator will say,"Mafia, wake up." The mafia will lift up their heads and point to the person they want to "kill".

After they have decided they will put their heads down.

The narrator will then wake up the sheriff. He will ask the sheriff who he think is the mafia.

The sheriff will point to someone then "go back to sleep". The narrator will then wake up the doctor and ask him who he wants to save.

The doctor will point to someone then go back to sleep. 

Then the narrator will wake up the whole "town" and will say for example, "Sadly last night Ginny was killed." Or if the doctor had pointed to the same person the mafia had pointed to the narrator will say, "Last night Ginny came close to dying but the doctor was able to save her!" 

After this the people will vote on who they think is the mafia. If the majority of the people vote on one person that person is dead and out of the game.

They are then free to say if they were or were not the mafia. If you got rid of a mafia, great. If not, that's too bad. The game continues in this fashion until all the mafia or all the people are dead.

The only person who is not able to be killed is the narrator.

Submitted by: Robyn Stevenson (age 13) (Montrose, Colorado, USA)

Here are some detective games that will be great to play at your party.

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