Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween Games for Kids and Teens

Halloween games for kids are always popular. Why?

Because most kids like to be spooked!

Halloween games are usually enjoyed by all ages as everyone is in a party spirit (excuse the pun). I've come up with a list of Halloween games that we've all enjoyed playing in our family and I think you will too.

If you are after Halloween party ideas such as food, activities and Halloween decorations, you'll find them on my Halloween party theme page.

So take your pick from the Halloween party games below and be prepared for a spookily good time.

10 Favorite Halloween Games for Kids

#1. Mummy Wrap

Ages 5+
Equipment: Several rolls of cheap toilet paper

Divide the kids into two or more teams and choose one member of each team to be "the mummy". Actually it's more fun for the kids to have their 'real' mummies, if you get what I mean!

Give each team a toilet roll or two and on the signal 'GO', they have three minutes to wrap their mummy in as much toilet roll as possible and without leaving any gaps (except for the nose). First team to finish is the winner.

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#2. Pass the Brains

Ages 5+
Equipment: Cooked cold spaghetti, large pumpkin, paper towels, music

Scoop out a large pumpkin and carve out a face. Don't make the holes too big.

Fill the pumpkin with cold, cooked spaghetti and if the spaghetti feels a bit dry add a little water. Wrap sweets/candy in Cling film and hide amongst the 'brains'.

The kids all sit round in a circle, turn the lights down low and start the music. When the music starts they have to pass the pumpkin brain head round in a circle. When the music stops, the child holding the head has to put his hand into the brains and find a sweet. Make sure that you have plenty off paper towels available!

TIP: Don't make the holes in the pumpkin too big as otherwise the brains will fall out!

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#3. Hunt Dem Bones

Ages 5+ Indoor/Outdoor
Equipment: 2 plastic/cardboard skeletons, marker pens, glow in the dark paint (optional)

Purchase 2 plastic/cardboard skeletons and disassemble the parts. If you are feeling adventurous you could even make your own skeletons out of thick white card.

So that the skeletons don't get muddled up, place a small colored dot with a marker pen on each bone – red for one skeleton and black for the other. Now hide the bones around the room or house.

Divide the kids into 2 teams with one being the red team and one being the black team. On the blow of a whistle the teams have to run around the room and locate their skeleton parts making sure that they pick up only the skeleton parts with their team color on it. You'll need to tell the kids how many part that they are looking for.

Once each team has gathered their skeleton bones together (here comes the hard part), they then have to reassemble their skeleton. You might need to help them with this part or you could have an outline drawn on paper of a skeleton and upon which they lay the bones.

To make it more fun you could play this in the dark and paint the skeleton with Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

#4. Bouncing Eyeballs

Ages 5+
Equipment: Plastic buckets, ping pong balls (lots!), colored marker pens

In advance, draw eyes on the ping pong balls with marker pens. Make them as ghoulish and scary as you can.

Divide the kids into pairs and give one of them the plastic bucket and the other 5 –10 eyeballs. The person with the eyeballs must bounce a ball towards his partner who then has to catch it in the bucket. The first pair to get all their eyeballs in the bucket wins.

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#5. Pumpkin Toss

Ages 5+
Equipment: Strong orange balloons, sand, funnel, black marker pen,

In advance make some pumpkins. Do this by filling the orange balloons with sand. I find it easiest to use a funnel. Tie the ends so the sand can't come out. Then using the black marker pen, draw a Halloween face on the balloons.

Divide the kids into pairs and with each pair facing each other they must toss a pumpkin back and forth between them. If one of them successfully catches the pumpkin, both players then take a step backward so that they are now a bit further away from each other. However if one of them drops i,t they stay put.

Each team can only drop the pumpkin two times and on the third drop, they are out of the game. The team who can throw the pumpkin the furthest is the winner.

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#6. Hunt the Witches

Ages 5+
Equipment: Black crafting paper/card, glow in the dark paint (optional)

First make a witch template on a piece of paper – roughly 4" tall. Cut it out and trace it on to the strong black craft paper. Make as many witches as you will need for the treasure hunt.

Depending on where the game is being held, hide the witches around the room or outside. If you are playing in the dark you could paint the witches with glow in the dark paint.

Divide the kids into teams or pairs and issue them with torches. Turn off the lights or wait till it's dark if they are playing outside and send them off on a 'witch hunt'.

The team/pair to find the most witches is the winner. As an extra bonus you could also hide a paper broomstick and whoever finds this gets a bonus prize.

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#7. Caught in the Web

Ages 5+
Equipment: Large string net, plastic spiders and other creepy crawlies

Lay the spiders and creepy crawlies on the ground and then throw the net over the top of them so that all the spiders are covered.

The kids then all stand around the net and on the blow of a whistle they must all quickly get under the net and see how many spiders they can collect.

Depending on how big your net is, you might need to play several rounds in order to allow all the kids to have a go.

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#8. Jack-O-Lantern

Ages 4+
Equipment: Marker pens, small pumpkins, dice

This game is rather like 'Beetle Drive' if you have ever played it. The object of the game is to be the first person to finish drawing a Jack-O-Lantern on their pumpkin. They do this by throwing the dice and drawing the face part that goes with the number rolled.

To start, the kids all sit in a circle with the pumpkins in the center of the playing area and players roll the dice to see who goes first – the highest number starts.

The players then take it in turns to roll the dice. They must get a 6 to start and that allows them to choose a pumpkin from the middle of the playing area. After that, each subsequent throw allows them to draw the face as follows:

6 = Take a pumpkin
5 = Draw one eye (you will need to roll two fives, one for each eye)
4 = Draw a nose
3 = Draw a mouth
2 = Draw a tooth (you will need to roll four two's to make four teeth)
1 = Write your name

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#9. Halloween Anagrams

Ages 8+
Equipment: Paper and pens

Give each player a sheet of paper and pen and write at the top in big letters a word or words associated with Halloween. For example you could write: SILLY SKELETON, HALLOWEEN PARTY, WITCH HUNT...

On the word 'go', the players have to write down as many words as possible that they can make from the word(s). When the time is up (give 10 minutes or so) each player scores one point for each correctly spelt word and two points if the word is associated with Halloween. The player with the most points wins.

----- Halloween Games for Kids -----

#10. Pinata

Ages 3+
Indoor/Outdoor Equipment: Pinata, candy, blindfold, stick

Pinatas are such fun for all age groups and always come into my list of Halloween party games. If you have the time and inclination try making your own pinata.

And if you'd rather buy a pinata then my favorites for this year are:

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