Ball Party Games

Colorful beach ball for playing ball party games

Ball party games are great for a crowd. No matter what their age, everyone from tots to teens to adults will like playing these ball games. 

Most of the games below were submitted by visitors so if you have a great ball party games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones get published on this website!

Beach Ball Toss

This is a great quick and easy "Get to know you" game.
Striped colored beach ball with questions written on each color

How to Play:
Have the players sit/ stand in a circle. Throw the ball to one of them. Whichever question their right thumb lands on, they have to answer. They then throw the ball across the circle to another student who then answers the question their right thumb lands on. Back and forth around the circle until everyone has answered a question. 

*Adaptable to groups/ occasions. 
ie. Favorite food/ movie/ vacation/ subject; Favorite Christmas gift/ tradition/ food; Where were you born? How many siblings do you have? What do you want to do when you grow up? etc.
**Can also be played by assigning M&M colors to specific questions. Have kids pull one out of a bowl (held high for them not to see) and then answer the corresponding question to the color they "draw". Then they get to eat the M&M!
Submitted by: Jennifer (Arkansas)

Blow the Ball

You need-
- table
- a ping pong ball
- a shallow container filled with water (preferably see through)
- an egg cup holder

How to Play :
This game requires strategy but is also a lot of fun!
Place the shallow container filled with water at one end of the table and at the other end put the ping pong ball in the egg cup. Get the players to line up - each has 3 lives. The first person must attempt to blow the ball into the water. If they fail they must line up from the back and are minus a life. Continue to do this and the winner is the first person to get it in the container. You are eliminated if you have run out of lives. If you haven't declared a winner bring the container closer and start again with 2 lives. 
Submitted by: Eliza

Ping Pong Bounce

15-20 Plastic cups 
Ping Pong balls (different color for each team)

How to Play:
Set up about 15-20 plastic cups at one end of an empty table.  A ping pong table would be ideal. Split the kids into groups of 2 or 3 and the 2 partners have them stand at the other end of the table and about one meter away. Each team is given some ping pong balls (one color for each team) and they must bounce them off the table and try to make them land in the plastic cups. Set a timer like 1 minute and whoever has the most balls in the cups is the winner. You might want to secure the cups to the table by putting a small heavy stone in the bottom of each.
Submitted by: Anon

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