Fathers Day Ideas

I love you dad

Fathers Day ideas for your special dad! If you are aged 7 or 70 and you have a special dad then this page is for you. No dads allowed!

YOU are about to make your special dad a king for the day. So roll out the carpet, polish his crown, prepare his throne and get ready for a truly fantabulous party with these super easy fathers day ideas.....just for your dad! Do you know why we celebrate Father's Day?

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Fathers Day Ideas - Cards

It's so much more fun and much more special to make dad a card for father day. It is not difficult and you can make it as detailed or as simple as you like. You could base it around his favorite hobby, pet, place, or just around him.

Gather together some colored craft card, scissors, glue, marker pens and any other bits and bobs that you might want such as glitter pens, photos and pictures cut from magazines. To give you some fathers day ideas take a look below.

I'm Hooked On You Daddy
Cut out a large fish shape from some craft card. Color it in as you wish and then on one side, glue on a photo of yourself. On the other side write "I'm Hooked On You Daddy!". Punch a hole in the nose end of the fish and attach some string and tie the other end of the string to a small stick. If you like you could place the stick in a jam jar filled with sand.

You're The Best Dad I Ever Saw
Cut out a large saw shape from craft paper. Color it in and then glue a photo of yourself on one side. On the other side write, "You're The Best Dad I Ever Saw!".

Special Poem
Make up a poem about your dad for father day. It doesn't have to rhyme and you could mention how special your dad is to you and why. Write the poem as neatly as you can inside a card made from colored craft paper – pick dad's favorite color. Draw a picture of your dad on the outside of the card and write, "To a very special Dad".

Dad's Favorite Activity
I bet that your dad has a favorite activity whether it is a sport, hobby or just watching TV. Look for pictures in magazines of your dad's favorite activity, cut them out and glue them onto a large blank card. Next get a photo of your dad and cut him out (you only want your dad) and then glue him onto the pictures to make it look like he is part of the scene. You could have him standing next to his favorite football team or holding a huge fish, surrounded by barbecue steaks or even standing on top of a mountain!

Fathers Day Ideas - Decorations

This is one of my favorite fathers day ideas - you're going to make dad the king of the castle for this father day. All kings need a crown, the red carpet treatment and a throne so let's get going with some decorative fathers day idea below.

Does dad have a favorite chair or could you prepare him a special one? Whether inside or out, make his chair look special. Cover it with a colored cloth and lots of plump cushions. Get a padded stool so he has somewhere to rest his weary feet and make sure that you have a small table next to him to put his food and drinks or his favorite newspaper. A real father day treat.

Red Carpet
Kings need a red carpet so as not to dirty their feet. Lay out a large length of red cloth from your dad's chair to either the door or to the food table or wherever you like. If you don't have any red cloth, use colored towels or any other material or even colored crepe paper although it is not very strong.

Best Dad Banner
Make a banner to show dad how much you appreciate him this father day. Get hold of a long roll of craft paper or wallpaper lining paper. You could also stick together several sheets of A4 size paper to make one long strip. In extra big letters write "We/I love dad because he.....". Around this using smaller writing and lots of different colors, write all the things that you love about your dad. It could be simple every day things such as 'ties up my shoes' or 'collects me from school'. Or it could be about his character or looks such as 'has a funny nose' or 'makes me laugh' or 'is very kind'. Put the father day banner up, inside or outside - make sure the wind won't blow it away.

Father Day Crown
Every king needs a crown. Either you can use a hat/cap or you could make one from craft paper. If using a hat, decorate it with badges and stickers or even use fabric paints and write a few words such as 'Best Dad' or 'King of the castle'. If making a crown, measure the length and width of the paper you need using another adults head. Cut it out and then make triangular shapes along the length of one side to resemble the pointy bits of a crown. Color and decorate it as you wish.

Fathers Day Ideas - Party Food

Most dads like food and even more so if it's been prepared by you. So follow on below for some yummy fathers day ideas.

Big daddy sandwiches
Prepare the biggest sandwich ever stuffed full of all his favorite fillings.

Daddy Bears picnic
Take dad out on a surprise picnic to the local park or woods.

Big Breakfast
Get up early and prepare dad a breakfast tray in bed for father day.

Ice cream Sunday- after all father day is on a Sunday!
Make dad a bonanza ice cream treat with all his favorites and lots of toppings.

Necktie Cake
Using a cake mix or this all-in-one cake recipe, make one oblong cake and one small round cupcake. Cook according to the packet instructions and leave to cool. Cut the oblong cake in half along its length and then lay the pieces end to end so that you have a long cake strip. At one end cut off the corners so that you have a pointed bit, just like at the end of a tie. At the other end, place the round cupcake to resemble the knot of a tie. Now comes the fun bit. Using colored icing (frosting), cake baubles, small sweets or any other edible cake toppers, decorate the tie to your hearts content.

Fathers Day Ideas - Games & Activities

As it's your dad's special day, treat him to some special father day activities. No chores for him but you get to work extra time! Below are some fun and easy fathers day ideas.

Purse of Gold
Make some gold coins out of gold craft paper and write a number value on each. Place the coins in a small bag or purse. Then make a list of all the chores that dad normally does or tasks that you could do such as washing the car, mowing the lawn, shining his shoes, tidying the shed, sweeping a room, foot massage, fanning his hot head and so on. Write a value next to each chore and present it to your dad. Your dad can then choose what he would like you to do and he then pays you using the gold coins.

Put on a Show
Get together with your brothers and sisters or have a one man show and make up a short play or little acts for your dad on father day. It could be a story, songs, poems, gymnastic acts, tricks or whatever you feel good at. Write all the details (what you are going to perform and in what order) on a large piece of white paper. Roll it up like a scroll and tie it with a red ribbon. Set up a stage areas and sit dad in his special chair with his favorite drink and 'Let the father day show begin'.

Goofy Golf
Set up a mini golf course in your backyard. Collect some empty tin cans and draw a number on each with a permanent marker pen and then lay the tin cans around the yard on their side. Give everyone a score card and a pencil and see how many hits it takes to get the golf balls into the tins. If you haven't got golf clubs, just use baseball bats, sticks or broom handles or even a rolled up newspaper.

Truth or Dare
Sit everyone in a circle. Put on dad's favorite music and whilst the music is playing, take it in turns to throw a dice. If you get a one you have to tell a "Truth" and dad gets to ask the question - after all it is father day! If you throw a six then you get to do a dare and again dad can choose the dare. If dad throws a one or six then he can choose who should ask the question or gives out the dare. Be careful dad might ask you if it was you who ruined his favorite CD or stuck chewing gum to the chair!

Match Of The Day
Get all the family members together and organize a fun day of sports and games. It could be football, French cricket, swimming, bowling or any other game that dad likes.

Make a Gift for Dad

It is nice to buy your dad a special father's day gift but it is even nicer if you can make one. It doesn't have to be complicated and you don't need to be an artist or really good at making things. Remember it is the thought that counts.

So below I've got a few homemade gifts as fathers day ideas that you might like to have a go at making.

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