Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

I'm always on the hunt for fun but easy kids birthday cake ideas. After all the birthday cake is the central part of any kids birthday party.

However I've also learnt that although it is lovely if you can make a fabulous kids birthday cake, the kids are in fact always happy no matter what the cake looks like.

So don't panic if you are not a cake queen or if you think that you can't bake as I've got some great  ideas below for every type of baker plus lots of your submitted birthday cake pictures.

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Top Tips - Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

Tip #1: If your'e having a party theme, then make the shape of the cake to match the theme. Cover it with ready to roll icing and then add theme specific decorations. 

Tip #2: Don't make the decorations too complicated. The more complicated you make them then the more that can go wrong. There are lots of ready made decorations that you can buy in the supermarket. I often use plastic toys which always look great.

Tip #3: There is nothing wrong with using a packet cake mix if that is easier for you. They taste so good these days that no-one will ever guess! Or if you want a really quick and easy cake recipe then try my All In One Cake Recipe.

Tip #4: Don't make the cake on the day of the party. There will be too much else to do and you are more likely to panic. Make the cake well in advance and then freeze it. Defrost it and ice it the day before the party.

Tip #5: If you can't bake or don't want to, then buy a supermarket ready made cake without the frosting. Cover it with bought frosting and then add your chosen decorations. That way it will still have a personalized look to it.

Look How Clever You Are!

These kids cake ideas were all made by you, my visitors. You're a pretty impressive bunch of bakers!

If you have a homemade birthday cake that you would like to appear on this page, then I would love to see it.

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Don't be shy, we love to see your kids birthday cake ideas :-)

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Hello bakers!

What do you think of these cakes?

Why not let others know what you think of their cake.

Zebra Bow Cake 
This cake I make for one of my friend's baby shower. She loves zebra and wanted me to make a cake for her. I am 18 years old and have made 18 cakes …

How to Train Your Dragon Cake 
The cake was for my son who was turning 3. He is crazy about the movie 'How to train your dragon'. I baked four square cakes, and cut the shapes out …

Specialty Birthday Cakes 
First I stacked four 10 inch round cakes one on top of each other. Then I frosted them with butter icing and then covered them with a nice blue fondant. …

Cupcake Birthday Cake Ideas 
For my daughter's 4th Birthday she wanted a strawberry, marshmallow and chocolate cake. I wanted to do something a bit different and so I decided on a …

1st Birthday Cake Ideas 
Hi There I would like to enter my cake that I made for my niece’s 1st birthday last month. I made it with a simple chocolate cake mix, add 6 eggs, …

Truck Birthday Cake 
The cake was for my son who was turning 5 and really into the movie 'Cars'. The main part of the cake was pretty simple to make- I just baked a few large …

Coolest Birthday Cakes 
This cake was for my son's third birthday party- he wanted a superhero birthday. I found a picture of batman from a dvd case we have and copied it. I baked …

Castle Birthday Cakes Not rated yet
I made this cake myself for my daughter's first birthday. I used fondant icing. I used some buttercream icing for decorating and for filling

Birthday Cakes for Girls Not rated yet
-- Kids Party Cakes -- This cake was for my friend's daughter. Sponge cake covered in fondant. Added a muffin covered with fondant on top, glued …

Animal Birthday Cake Not rated yet
This was my third time making this cake. I made the cake for my mothers my own and a friends baby shower. I used a cake mould and used boxed cake mix. …

Chocolate Birthday Cake Ideas Not rated yet
I make this cake on special occasions and for some birthdays. It is a very tasty cake that everyone can enjoy! INGREDIENTS: 125 grams of butter …

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Make sure you take a lot of birthday cake pictures. That way you can post them with your description of the birthday cake you made.

To show you how to take professional videos, here is a great article on birthday videos.

> Kid's Birthday Cake Ideas

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