Cotton Ball Game

This cotton ball game is great for all ages of kids and a lot of fun to play.

What you need:

Two large bowls or buckets, two chairs, a large ladle, bag of cotton balls and a blindfold.

How to Play:

This is one of those hilarious blindfold games and quite frustrating to watch.

It's best to let one person at a time play as it's just as much fun to watch.

Place the two chairs opposite each other about 2 meters apart.

On one chair place a bowl of cotton balls and on the other an empty bowl.

Blindfold the chosen player, give them a few twirls and then place them in front of the bowl of cotton balls.

Using the ladle, they then have to try and scoop up a cotton ball (or more) and carefully carry it and place it in the bowl on the opposite chair.

It's quite funny to watch as the cotton ball is so light that they are never sure if they are carrying anything or not.

Set a time limit of one minute so that everyone gets a go.

The winner is the person who transferred the most cotton balls.

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Oct 21, 2017
Good cotton ball game
by: Robin

This sounds like a really good game for the kids to play at a party and I think older kids and adults will love to play this game too.

After they are done playing the game they can reuse the cotton balls and make this fun cotton tail necklace craft.

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