Cotton Tail Necklace

cotton tail craft necklace to make at your next Easter party

A cotton tail necklace is a super easy Easter craft to keep the kids happy. If you are planning an Easter party, then this kids craft is great for the start of the party when you are waiting for all the kids to arrive.

All the kids will have fun making these necklaces to wear at the party. If you can find pink and blue cotton balls (or pom poms will work too), the boys can have blue and the girls can have pink.

You can always pre-cut the Easter pictures to save on time when they are making the craft and then you wouldn't have to worry about the kids hurting themselves with the scissors. Otherwise supervision might be advised and they can use kid' safety scissors.

What You Need:

  • Cotton wool balls - colored or white
  • Darning needle and embroidery thread
  • Small Easter pictures eg chicks, flowers, eggs
  • Scissors
  • Card
  • Glue

How to Make Your Cotton Tail Necklace

  1. Start by getting the kids to tear out small pictures of rabbits from scrap magazines or Easter cards.
  2. Roughly cut around the pictures and then glue them to the card.
  3. When the glue is fully dry, cut out the rabbits and then punch a small hole at the head end.
  4. Measure a length of thread to the length of necklace that you want and using the darning needle let the kids thread on the cotton wool balls.
  5. When they are halfway, thread on the rabbit and then finish with more cotton wool balls.
  6. Tie the end and there you have a really pretty necklace.

And that's it, super easy and fun for the kids. Making these necklaces at the beginning of the party is a great ice breaker for the kids.

Follow this activity by letting the kids make an Easter basket that they can take home afterwards or they can decorate some eggs and the party will be off to a great start.

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