Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids - Let's get Spooky!

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids from spooky costumes, ghoulish grub, ghostly games and of course lots of fun, fun fun!

Most kids love to be scared (a little) and they get a kick out of gory, messy fun so I'm going to give you my favorite ideas for a spooky, bone rattling kid's Halloween party!

Don't fear if you aren't creative or imaginative as I have some great Halloween party themes to share with you including Halloween costumes,  yucky food and bone crunching games.

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids 
Halloween Kid's Costumes

Halloween kid's costumes

Halloween is the time when a costume of sorts is almost obligatory. Little ones are not so into scary costumes which is fine but older kids are sure to enjoy dressing up as skeletons, mummies, ghosts and so on.

Don't feel you have to go out and spend a fortune on costumes. In fact my kids and I made costumes when they were younger and it is amazing what you can do with bits of cloth and craft bits and bobs such as these no-sew Costumes.

Top Tip: When my kids were younger, I learned that spooky masks on adults was just too scary for them so judge carefully what is appropriate for your party.

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids 
Gross Halloween Party Food

Make some gross Halloween party food as ghoulish and ghastly as possible but obviously you want the kids to eat the food so make sure that it tastes good in spite of its name!

By each plate of food make a little card (in the shape of a tombstone and decorated with spooky stickers) with the name of the food.

Decorate the Halloween table with a black cloth and place lots of plastic/paper creepy crawlies amongst the food. As a centerpiece, place a large Jack-o-Lantern in the middle with a night light candle inside. Put plastic insects in each cup and give everyone green or black cups, plates and straws.

Here are some food suggestions with Halloween names:

  • Bloody Intestines with Gallstones - Spaghetti and meatballs.
  • Crusty Scabs - Toasted cheese on slices of baguette bread or cheese straws covered with cheese. Pop them under the grill until the cheese goes brown and crunchy.
  • Phantom Brains - Raw cauliflower florets with mayonnaise dip.
  • Cats Tongues - Long thin slices of cheese.
  • Tomb Stones - Yogurt covered muesli bars iced with R.I.P.
  • Poison Punch - Green colored fruit punch floating with colored gummy worms.
  • Bogie Slime - Green Jelly.
  • Dracula's Hand - Fill a disposable rubber hand with small candy/popcorn and tie the wrist with a black ribbon.
  • Maggot Mound - Make 2 rounds of a chocolate cake. Place a bunch of gummy worms on one cake. Place the other cake on top so that there are some gummy worms peeking out from round the edges. Then cover the top of the cake with swirls of butter cream to resemble maggots.
  • Sand Ghosts - Cut sandwiches into ghost shapes using a cookie cutter. Place some raisins for eyes.
  • Strained Eyeballs - Cut some hard boiled eggs in half. Remove the yolk and mash it up with some cream cheese or mayonnaise and the place the yolk back into the egg white halves. Thinly slice some pimento stuffed olives and lay a slice of olive on each egg.
  • Severed Fingers and Toes - Decorate one end of  'Ladies Finger' biscuits or 'Langue de Chat' biscuits with pink icing to resemble nails. Then dip the other end of the biscuit in some red icing  to resemble blood.

Here are some great eBooks from Amazon to give you more ideas for some gross Halloween party food.

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids
Halloween Party Games

For some of my favorite Halloween party games such as 'Bouncing Eyeballs', 'Mummy Wrap', 'Hunt Dem Bones' and more, Click Here.

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids
Ideas for Halloween Party Favors

For ideas for Halloween party favors, these are my absolute favorites for this year :)

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