Playing Card Party Games

Playing card party games for kids and teens. These party games are easy to set up but harder to play!

Playing card party games are easy to set up so they are a great last minute party game if you are stuck.

These games are best for older kids or teens.

The party games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great playing card party games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

Playing Card Party Games

Present Game!

What you need :
You need two packs of cards and lots of small gifts that are cheap, double the amount for the people at the party. 

How to Play :
Everyone sits in a circle. The host is not playing. The host hands out a pack of cards equally shared between the people. The host also has his own pack of cards. S/he reads out a card and the person with that card takes a present from the middle. However to add a twist, the person can also choose to take a gift from someone else instead of taking one from the middle. But you are only allowed to do this once each in the game. It's a fun game as there are no winners or losers and everyone gets a gift!
Submitted by: Fanny Britton (New Hampshire)

Place Your Bets Game

What you need:
Pack of playing cards

How to Play :
This teen party game requires a lot of concentration so is best suited to the older teenagers. The players all sit round in a circle and are dealt a playing card face down - they must not look at their own card. They then hold that card against their forehead or attach it with scotch tape, so that the other players can see what it is but they still can't. Each person is then allowed to ask one question to one other player. For instance A might ask B "Is my card higher or lower than C's". The person replying can only give away two clues so B might reply "Yes it is higher than C's but lower than D's". After everyone has asked a question, the players then have to see if they can work out what their card is. If they guess right they get a prize. 

Higher or Lower

What you need :
Pack of playing cards

How to Play :
Everyone sits in a circle including the host who holds a pack of playing cards. Everyone is also given a joker (this could be a colored counter). The host turns over the first card and then asks the other players if they think the next card will be higher or lower. She then turns over the next card to see who was correct.
If a player guesses correctly they stay in the game. If the second card drawn is the same, then no-one loses a life. If they guessed incorrectly, they get to use their joker and in which case they place it in the center of the floor. If they guess incorrectly for a second time then they are out of the game. However if the host draws and Ace, then everyone gets given a second joker. The last one left in the game is the winner.

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