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These are my favorite tossing games for a birthday party. Be warned though they can get messy!  

The party games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great tossing games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

Egg Toss Game

What you need:
Eggs – lots!

How to play:
Now this party game is definitely one for outdoors and only if you have lots of spare eggs. If you are feeling very brave and prepared for a lot of mess, use raw eggs. If younger kids are playing then I would definitely recommend hard boiling them first. Split the players into pairs and line each pair along two imaginary lines about one meter apart and so that the pairs are facing each other. Give one person in the pair an egg. The aim of the game is to toss the egg to your opponent, which they then have to catch. If they do so, each person in the pair takes one step backwards. The egg is then tossed again and if successfully caught, another step backwards is taken ad so on. The winning pair is the one who manages to throw the egg the furthest without breaking it.

There is a skill to this party game in that when catching the egg, you should move your hands in a backwards motion to reduce the force of the egg hitting the palm of your hand - much easier said than done!

Here is a great video of kids play the Egg Toss Game

Cheetos Toss

This is a very messy game and best for teens! First get into pairs. Then one of the pair sits in a chair whilst her partner puts whipping cream all over her face. Give one person in each team (the person without the creamy face) a bowl of Cheetos. On the blow of the whistle, they then have to throw Cheetos at their partners face and try and get them to stick. At the end of the game count the Cheetos on your partners face to see who wins.
Submitted by: Stacy Dove (United States)

Name Toss

What you need :

How to Play :
Everyone stands in a circle arms width apart from each other. Each person has 3 lives. Have one person stand in the middle of the circle and give them a ball. That person must toss the ball into the air and towards the center of the circle and shout "One, two, three.... (name of someone)". The person whose name they called must rush to the center of the circle to catch the ball whilst the person who threw it must rush to stand in their place in the circle. Now the new person in the center must shout "One, two, three.... (name of someone)" and so on. If you fail to catch the ball when your name was called then you lose a life. Once you have lost all your lives you are out of the game. Last one left in the center is the winner.

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