Party Planning for Kids

Helpful tips for party planning for your kid's birthday party

I love party planning for kids and I'm going to show you how easy it is to do.

I do remember first starting out and getting myself into a right twist and panic. But now I know better and I want to share what I'v learnt with you so that your birthday party will be super fun, super cool and above all stress free.

Top Tip: The most important tip I can give you,  is that you don't have to spend a fortune to make it a great birthday party. What counts the most is making the birthday child feel 'special'.

I like to split my part planning for kids into W sections and that way I don't forget things.

Why & Who
Where & When 

Why & Who - Party Planning for Kids

When party planning for kids, this is the easiest section to deal with. Why are you having the party? Is it a birthday, holiday party, family gathering or just a fun time.

Then remind yourself who the party is for. This may sound like a silly reminder but often parents will spend a fortune in money and time, organizing a party to impress other parents when in fact the party is meant to be for their child.

Also think about who do you want to invite. Is it going to be just kids, kid's and their parents, family members and so on. Think about numbers and what is practical as well as what you would like.

As a rule of thumb, I apply the principle of Age + 2 when deciding on numbers. So for a 3 year old, I would invite 3-5 guests and for a 10 year old, I would invite 12 guests.

Where & When - Party Planning for Kids

When deciding where to have the party, try to think practical. Can your house accommodate the crowd or is it best to hire somewhere, borrow someone's yard or go to a public park.

Most of my own kid's parties were at home as I felt I had more control there and knew where everything was but I think hiring somewhere is a great option if you have a largish group of kids. That way you don't have to worry so much about the mess and moving about your furniture and so on.

When to have the party is often dictated by either the date of your child's birthday and when you have the free time. This often means the party falls at a weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday have pros and cons although I tend to prefer Sunday afternoon as the kid's are less likely to be busy with club activities etc.

What - Party Planning for Kids

When party planning for kids, there are lots of what I call WHAT'S to ask yourself!

Think about the theme.
If it is a birthday party you may want to have a party theme but it is not obligatory. The younger the kids, the less need there is to have a birthday party theme.

Think about decorations.
If you are having a party theme, then the party decorations will normally be chosen around the theme. If you aren't going for a theme then you can be a bit more flexible. And there is nothing wrong with pulling out last year's decorations or borrowing from friends! Try Making Your Own Party Decorations.

Think about the invitations.
Can you make your own invitations and what information should you put on them.

Think about the costumes.
Costume parties are popular and can be great fun but they can also cause anxiety for some kids not to mention the parents too who either have to buy a costume or find time to make one.

Think about party games.
How many games and what sort of games should you play. Click here for some important games advice.

Think about the entertainment.
All parties run best when there is some form of entertainment.  If the kids are toddlers, then simple toys are fine. However the older the kids get, the more they are going to need to be occupied. The entertainment can be in the form of organised games and activities or you could hire an entertainer to help you out.

Think about the food.
The time of the party might dictate what sort of food to serve. Parties which span a meal time are going to involve more work whereas with a mid morning or mid afternoon party you can get away with simple snacks. Find out how much food should you prepare and what kid's like to eat.

Think about favors and prizes.
This is a tricky one and one in which I am in two minds. Kids under the age of 3, don't understand the concept of winners and losers so I would not give out prizes. As the kids get older, you could give out small prizes but do make sure that 'everyone is a winner' at some point. As for favors, there is no need to go overboard. Something small to take home as a reminder of the party is all that is really needed. This could be a balloon, some candy or a personalised memento.

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