Outdoor Party Game Ideas

Kid's Outdoor Party Game Ideas

If you've got a big group of kids and a sunny day, then outdoor party games are the perfect way to burn off some energy.

Most of these outdoor birthday party games are played in teams so it is a great way to get the kids to build friendships and to get to know one another better.

If you've got a fun outdoor party game that you'd like to share, then I would love to hear about it.  Click here to submit your game idea.

Outdoor Party Game

Equipment: Two blindfolds, cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes, plastic buckets, low chairs
How to Play: 
You need quite a big space for this outdoor party game and maybe ear mufflers, as there will be a lot of shouting! Divide the kids into two teams. Lay out all the boxes and chairs - these are known as the mines. Blindfold one person from each team who then has to navigate through the minefield under the verbal guidance of their team mates. If either player touches a mine, they have to stop for a count of ten. When the player finally reaches the end of the minefield, they remove the blindfold and run back to the start and another of their team mates has a turn. The winning team is the one to get all its members through the minefield first.

Kick The Can
Equipment: A can (doesn't matter what kind), you will also need at least 3 people to play. 
How to Play: 
This game needs to be played outside and in the dark. Someone is chosen to guard the can  and the other people hide. The goal is that the people that hide need to try and kick the can. If the person guarding the can sees you and says your name then you loose and you are out of the game. But if they say the wrong name then you are still in the game. If a person manages to kick the can, then they get to pick a person to guard the can. But if no one wins then the same person that was it first, is it again. Note, the person who kicks the can needs to say 'Kicked the can'. If they don't, then they don't win.
Submitted by Meghan (Prairie Du Chien, WI)

Cherry Drop
Equipment: Blindfold 
How to Play: 
This outdoor party game is great if you have a large space. One child is elected to be the cherry tree and he is blindfolded and stands with his arms and fingers outspread like branches. The other players are the cherries on the tree and they each grab hold of part of the branches. The cherry tree then says "Are you ready?" When the cherries shout "Yes", the cherry tree counts to ten as fast as he can whilst the cherries run from the tree. When the cherry tree gets to ten, he yells "Cherry drop!" and all the cherries have to stop running and stand still. The blindfolded cherry tree has to then find and touch all the cherries. The last cherry to be gathered up is the winner and becomes the next cherry tree.

Equipment: Ball
How to Play: 
In this outdoor party game, everyone is given a number. #1 is the one who starts with the ball. All the players are also given the letters S-N-A-P.
Everyone gathers around #1 and waits for her/him to throw the ball up in the air. At the same time he must call out a number. The player with that number must rush forward to catch the ball whilst everyone else runs away. When the player catches the ball they immediately call out "FREEZE" and everyone freezes in their spots including themselves. Then the player with the ball must try to hit someone with the ball. If they succeed, the person they hit loses one letter (of S-N-A-P). However if they fail, they lose a letter.
Then everyone gathers in a circle again and another person throws the ball in the air and calls out a number and so on.
When you lose all your letters your out of the game. This repeats until there is one person left - the winner!
Submitted by Lexie (Georgia)

Pony & Cart Rider Race
What you Need: Rope, chairs
How to Play: 
Divide the children into pairs, one is the pony, one is the cart rider. The pony is blindfolded. Take a 6' rope and place it waist high on the pony having the pony child holding it with his/her hands tightly. The rope will be the reins for the cart rider. Have the cart rider stand behind the pony with reins (rope) one in each hand. Place a chair about 10 feet away. If you have four pairs you need four chairs. When you say "go", the cart rider will tell his/her pony to walk on, guiding the pony by pulling left or right on the reins. They must walk the Pony around their chair and back to the starting point.
Submitted by Marilyn (Mountain View, AR)

Tug Of War
What you Need: Rope, ribbon, plank
How to Play: 
The children will need to get into two teams. Make sure they are even in number and mix up the boys and girls. You will need a long rope onto which you tie a ribbon at the middle point. Get two thin planks of wood and place them about one metre apart. Then place the rope on the ground at right angles to the plank and so that the ribbon is lying in the center of the 2 planks. The kids then line up in their teams and pick up the rope (one team at each end).

On the blow of a whistle, the children need to pull on the rope as hard as they can with the aim of pulling the ribbon across the plank of wood that is nearest to them. This outdoor party game is a great one for teamwork.

The kids pick a landmark (outdoors). Example- a trampoline, fountain, small building, porch, swing-set, etc. One player is "it". He/she stands next to the landmark and counts to 30 with his/her eyes closed. The other kids run/hide. When the "it" person is done counting, he tries to chase and tag any of the kids.

The object of the game for the rest of the kids is to run and to touch the landmark and stay there without getting tagged. If everyone gets to the landmark without getting tagged, the same person is "it" again. If someone gets tagged before reaching the landmark, they are "it".
Submitted by Mikala Hall (Wausau, WI USA)

A pinata makes an excellent outdoor party game. Have a go at making your own pinata as it is not difficult.

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