Camping Party for 7yrs and up

Camping party

Camping party

-- Camping Party --

Sleep in tents outdoors! Tell scary stories and play games around a campfire. Make plans of how to scare or prank your friends during the night.

This is a good party because if anyone gets scared, cold, etc in the night they can easily come and sleep inside.

For food roast marsh mellows as a fun snack (you can use a barbecue to do this) and make your own kebabs. Set out vegetables and marinated meats (Pork and chicken are good. Use the Internet to find good things to marinate it in).

To remember whose is whose kebab put some different colored beads on a wire or pipe-cleaner and wrap it around the end of the kebab stick. Metal sticks with holes in the end to thread the wire through work best.

For breakfast set out plates of bread, butter, bacon, eggs, and all your favorite toast toppings.

This is a great party as parents inside can not hear the kids outside unlike most slumber parties.

-- Camping Party --

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