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Little Mermaid Party for a 5 year old 
My daughter is a winter baby and my house is not an option for an indoor venue, so every year I make it my mission to find a cheap and fun venue that won't …

Big Hero 6 Party for a 9 year old 
Theme: My son is obsessed with the Pixar superhero movie Big Hero 6 so I wasn't at all surprised when he chose it for his theme. I started by choosing …

Lady & the Tramp/Puppy Party for an 8 year old 
For my son's 8th birthday party, he chose Lady & the Tramp for the theme. There are a lot of great elements to this classic film to work with, so even …

Disney Brave Party for a 3 year old 
For my daughter's 3rd birthday party theme, she chose the movie Brave. I started with deciding on the color scheme. There are plenty of beautiful, …

Alice in Wonderland "Unbirthday" Party. 
My daughter Laura is the "luckiest girl in the world". Or so she keeps telling me, after her 11th birthday party, held on Sunday the 15th of November, …

Girls 16th Birthday Party 
For my daughters 16th we invited her closest girl friends round to our house, the week before her actual birthday. There were 8 in total, and they …

Candy Land. 
At first i thought i was going to loose my mind, however i was proved wrong. It was easy go to a dollar store and buy tons of candy. Next we played …

Shopping Hunt for a Teenager 
I arranged a treasure hunt round various shops for my daughter and her friends to solve clues and collect goods I had paid for and left for them - including …

Frozen Swimming Party for a 4 year old 
Theme and venue: This year my daughter asked for a “Frozen swimming birthday”. Many people are familiar with the film, and her birthday falls in January, …

Yellow Submarine Party for a 3 year old 
Our daughter, since she was about 18 months old, has loved the long Yellow Submarine by the Beatles. Well, we threw her a yellow submarine party since …

12 year old Hotel Party 
Hello I'm Ashton I am 12 years old and I had the greatest hotel party ever! First I invited like 30 people - like 20 friends and 10 family members. …

Red Colour Party 
We had David's 2nd birthday party. The theme was the "Red" colour. All the guests arrived dressed in red! We had a kid's and an adult buffet. As …

Non-alchoholic Cocktail Party 
I was really stuck for ideas for a teen party but then i just thought of what teenagers like to do - drink. Only obviously its illegal underage so …

DINO-MITE 5th Birthday Party 
-- Kids Party Ideas -- For my son's 5th birthday, we chose to go with the dinosaur theme. I created in invitations by printing the party info …

Lucky Party For a 10 Year Old 
-- Kid Party Games -- A lucky themed party sounds a bit silly but it really isn't! Kids will love the idea of being lucky on this special day! …

Celebrity Impersonation 
For my 12th birthday I had everybody come dressed as their favourite celebrity. They also had to prepare a small performance that had to do with the …

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