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This is where you'll find a bucket load of fun, exciting and original teen party game ideas!  

Whether you are looking for the grossest, funniest or coolest games, then this is where you'll find them! And that's because the majority  of these teen games have come from teenagers themselves. The party games below include group games, team games, food games, boy-girl games, action games, murder games and loads more. Pair them up with a teen party theme and then you are bound to be onto a winner.

Teen Party Game List

  • Most of the party games can be adapted to suit your party theme, number of people or the age group.
  • Most of the party game ideas here are quick and simple and need very little set up so no need to rush out and buy extra stuff.
  • And if you think that balloon and tag games are for little kids, well think again! Balloon games can be riotous among all age groups. And they are cheap.
  • Remember to play fair, don't do anything unsafe and be respectful of everyone who is playing.
  • If playing food games, remember that some people have allergies.
  • If you have a great game that you know will be a hit at a teen party, then please let me know. You lot have some great ideas! SUBMIT YOUR TEEN PARTY GAME HERE.

You might also like some of the games for younger kids which you can adapt to your age group.

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